2022 options for setup/devices for guest presence

In the past, I used guest connections to my wifi to track their phones when house sitting… unfortunately, this is a very tedious solution since I have to register each new device.

I’m looking for a keychain I can just hand to any new guest I want that is configured for presence detection. This seems like the simplest solution?

Anyone have anything like this implemented or have recommendations on what to use and how to configure it? The only one I am aware of is the one made by SmartThings, but I migrated off their platform years ago and would really like to avoid it if I can.

You could use any BLE beacon, like Tile, or Chipolo, or more, in conjunction with any of the Bluetooth/BLE presence detection options - HA’s native, monitor, room assistant, espresence, and more.

A while ago I read about an idea to use tags, whcih people can scan with their phone and perform actions with…that would require them to use the HA companion app to confirm things though and HA could activate guest access or show the pwd.

I mean, yes, BLE is definitely an option. Seems like I’d have to have multiple sensors around the house detecting the beacon in case it goes out of range of any one sensor. I’ll have to look into this option.

can you track Chipolo ONE Spot with Bluetooth?