2023.06: Addon Page only loads first time / Question

Hey Guys,

Since updating to core 2023.06 I have (maybe first recognized) a weird bug:
The Add-on Page loads only on first access (and shows installed addons). When I try to open a 2nd time I only see the animated loading icon…

But when I open a new Browser tab Add-on page is working again.
Is this a known bug already ?

The new easter egg on dialog entity (last changed) dont work for me ?
For me: only the relative time is shown and when I clicking on it → it wont change to absolute.

I didnt found any errors in Logs.
Home Assistant 2023.6.0
Supervisor 2023.06.1
Operating System 10.2
Frontend 20230607.0 - latest

Thanks for your work on Home Assistant btw :slight_smile:
Have a nice day !

Clear your web browser cache.

nope didnt solve any of my issues :frowning:

EDIT: tested with Microsoft Edge Browser (Chromium), I dont have the Addon Page issue.
But the easter egg on dialog entity dont work either on Edge Browser

normally using Firefox 114.0

I have the exact same problem on Firefox (MacOS). First time accessing the addons page loads just fine, 2nd time a rotating-loading-icon shows up and the page is only shown if I do a page refresh.

EDIT: Also on the backup page. If the addons page is opened the first time (or backup page), opening the backup page afterwards does the same (loading icon).

+1 also same issue with backup page

even if I try loading first addon page and then loading backup page or vice versa (doesnt matter) - 2nd access dont work anymore

Same here. Win 10 and latest Firefox.

First attemp - fine.

go to any dashboard and come back to addons - loading…

just a refresh of the page and its fine again.

Same issue… Addon and Backup

Windows 11 / Firefox.

Refresh the page / clear cache will allow the page to load on 1st attempt only

same here with

  • browsing with firefox 114.0.2 on MacOS Ventura 13.4.1
  • HA running on Proxmox

painful to find it’s the browser…checked that very late in the process :<(

Fixed in 2023.7