2023.2: How can I Assist?

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When selecting multiple entities from a list in the UI, it will now exclude already added entities.

brb updating immediately :tada:

If you are using MariaDB, don’t miss note about updating to 10.5.17 , 10.6.9 , 10.7.5 , 10.8.4 or later (addon version 2.5.2). Do this before updating to 2023.2.0 to potentially reduce the time database migration takes.


How would the average user know which database they are using?

A user that’s using mariaDB is not an average user , shouldn’t be an issue :slight_smile:


You would have had to manually installed it and migrated to using MariaDB. If you haven’t done that you are using the built-in SQLite database which does not have the problem.

no update yet for me…patiently waiting… :slight_smile:

Yeah, the update is broken for me too.

When I run

ha available-updates

I just get “Unexpected server response. Status code: 403”

In Supervisor logs, I have this:

23-02-01 20:50:53 WARNING (MainThread) [supervisor.api.middleware.security] /available_updates no role for a0d7b954_ssh
23-02-01 20:50:53 ERROR (MainThread) [supervisor.api.middleware.security] Invalid token for access /available_updates

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I know that, but the average user wouldn’t and might spend some time researching a nonexistent issue.


You have to do a little research to set up the MariaDB in the first place, so I believe you’re looking for an issue where there really is none :grinning:

P.S. I believe that every user who is able to install and set up HA is able to know or find out if he is using something or not - clearly HA is not some OOTB solution (yet).

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Check in the configuration.yaml file if there is a SQL line with a connection string to MySQL / MariaDB. If that’s the case check your version with:

mariadb --version

This will output the version being used. Keep in mind that an sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade will not update your MariaDB version. You will have to remove and reinstall.

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For some people that are using the core version (so am I) and running Raspbian with an old rustc version, you need to update this to a newer version to compile bcrypt en cryptography.

In my case removing the old version and installing it again did fix the issue.

  1. Remove old Rustc and Cargo:

$ sudo remove rustc cargo

  1. Login as the HomeAssistant user and reinstall Rustc:

$ curl https://sh.rustup.rs -sSf | sh

After that logout and sign-in again as the homeassistant user and use pip to upgrade homeassistant like you normally would do.


What happened to frontend precision overriding?


Removed for the time being due to unseen problems that could arise impacting other functionality.

What is the community version?

core version, sorry my mistake

yip, I get no updates

check for updates, it’s released for sure.

No fix for Enphase D7 firmware? :sob:

Although Hebrew is listed under supported languages for Assist, looks like it only understand English.
Anyone figured out if Assist is supposed to work with other languages?