2023.2: How can I Assist?

accessed from a wired laptop/pc ?

Not sure about zwave, is it through a “local” integration, or a cloud integration ?

Yep, so I can exclude Wifi as the cause

I noticed that HA has increased CPU and memory usage. Since I am using some custom components, I disabled a lot of them. Disabling SQL sensor seems to help a bit…

I guess best way forward would be , as you mention, step by step, monitoring the logfiles in both HA/integration/Maria_DB, when performing a task that seems “slower” than expected/norm
Is your DB the “native” mariaDB-ADDon, or external etc, i know there has been alot issues with mariaDB lately, so this part i actually back out of, as i use native homeassistant_db

Hi all, is a instructuion existing how to go from mariadb 10.5.15 to 10.5.17?
I’m running HA Core on a P4 latest OS.
a apt-get command for maria db say 10.5.15 is latest Version.
other commands to get an update say no valid compilation for my arch
so any idea to get to 10.5.17 ?

No idea why, but on my iPhone with the shortcuts installed according to Assist on Apple devices - Home Assistant, they are not working:

  • I send “Switch off the bathroom light” - Siri tells “OK”, but nothing happens :x:
  • If I send the very same text when running the shortcuts (text or voice based - Assist/Assist Button), it works instantly :white_check_mark:
  • If I send the very same text on the iPhone inside the HA Companion app using the “Assist” button, it works instantly :white_check_mark:

No idea why. And yes, I’m late to the party and in the progress of catching up many HA Core releases. Not sure if my issue is specific or actually was an issue back in February?


EDIT (late solution):
Shortcuts work now. The „show when running“ switch for the actual Assist call to the HA Companion app was disabled (per default?). Once I enabled it, the shortcuts finally work.

Found the solution. Some Firewalla Purples have a bug. I got mine replaced and all works fine now

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Solved for me, updated post.