2023.5.0 broke 12 different aqara Zigbee devices - still broken on 2023.5.3

I saw the problems people were having with ZHA and 5.0 so I waited for 5.2, did a full backup and then upgraded. All devices are now “no longer being provided by the zha integration” as mentioned above. Did a restore to 4.6, still broken. Also getting “Unsupported system - Systemd Journal issues” after the update, and the update and reinstall that are referenced as fixes didn’t. Ran the whole supervised installer thing again to no avail.

EDIT: The configured serial port was no longer valid. I was able to go into the Migrate Radio function and set the serial port manually, in my case: /dev/ttyACM0. It was previously: /dev/serial/by-id/usb-dresden_elektronik_ingenieurtechnik_GmbH_ConBee_II_DE2250576-if00

All is well with ZHA, anyway.

One of the problems with the tight coupling of ZHA and HA is that you can’t run a new version of HA without also a new version of ZHA. One of the fundamental problems with having zigbee and Zwave coupled in this way is that everytime HA updates, it takes down the zigbee or zwave network.

Using Z2M and zwavejs2mqtt decouples these. So if your zigbee network is running stably and you don’t need new features, you can leave z2m running and not update it with every dot release of HA. Also, you can run z2m on a PI that is located in a more optimum location in your home for the mesh than maybe where HA runs.

This sort of tight coupling is a in my opinion a design error by the HA folks, and why I never recommend folks run ZHA. Plus device support is better in Z2M, and many devices have more full featured functionality in Z2M than ZHA.

I know Z2M is not built by the ZHA team, but why try and duplicate something that works super well and saddle it with a poor architectural design?

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Is by any chance an “older” Debian 11 installed on your machine and you recently initiated an:
apt update && apt upgrade -y ?

On one of the systems I maintain was originally Debian 11.2 installed (April '22). After the last Debian update as ment above (it was quite a big update with plenty of updated libraries etc. including the kernel) all of a sudden I also received that infamous Unsupported system-message :woozy_face:

Nothing helped to get the system back to normal although that system was installed following those strict set of guidelines available HERE.

Well, I finally ended up by reformatting the SSD and doing a new OS-installation (Debian 11.7). Restored a full backup and voila: Magically all went back to good again. Thus I suspect one or more libraries/apps (or the kernel) updated by the OS on that “older” Debian 11 rendered HA to “Unsupported”.

Certainly a PITA :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

While what you say may or may not be true about being unable to upgrade one without the other, this is the first time I’ve had this issue - and I’ve been using this stuff for a couple of years, through MANY upgrades, so…

That’s not the source of the problem.

So far, all the devices that I re-paired have remained connected except for one, which keeps dropping every ~6-7 hours or so. Not sure what I’m going to do with that, but at least it’s not terribly important - just a temp sensor in the guest bedroom.

Still annoying though…

I am also having problems with my Aqara buttons and vibration sensors. They can be re-paired and functional for a few hours and then it will stop working. I have the Husbzb-1 stick and every piece of software is up-to-date. I’m going to keep poking around.

ZHA is an integration, not an addon. That means it updates with the base HA, and restarts everytime HA restarts. This is simply unwise.

At least for Zwave, zwavejs is an addon, so you can defer upgrades to Zwave if it’s working well for you, though some HA releases require upgrading zwavejs to a minimum rev level. But this is not true for ZHA.

Decupling updates from zigbee network components and the constantly updating HA is the right architectural decision. That’s why I am going to stick with zigbee2mqtt and why others should as well.

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An interesting point you make. Now I just need to find time to do that, too, I suppose… Lol

Last I’d checked, Z2M did not support the husbzb-1, which most of the folks reporting problems in this thread seem to have. Has this changed?

Me too. Using ZHA with an HUSBZB-1. Losing connection to some Aqara devices, others seem stable. Repaired the relevant ones and they dropped again. Can’t easily tell whether 2023.5 or HAOS 10 was the cause.
I have also lost access to Bluetooth devices previously visible to the Bluetooth in the NUC running HAOS via Proxmox.

So happy its not just me, but also very frustrated it is happening…

Hopefully we get some resolution soon.

The Aqara sensors did not disappear after I re-added them following the HUSBZB-1 firmware update.
I cannot tell for sure that this fixed my issue, but for now everything seems to be working.

I am running Home Assistant Operating System (generic x86-64 image) on an older Dell Optiplex Micro 3050 system.

No, it doesn’t, and with good reason I suppose. Putting two radios in that close proximity to each other and having reliable service is a challenge. That said, I doubt that is the problem with the 2023.5 release folks are experiencing…

I think follks would be better off adding a modern Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 USB adapter and leaving the Nortek stick to just zwave duties.

I tried using the zwave radio on the Nortek once with a zwave smoke detector, didn’t get it to work.
So I would not rely on it for that either. :upside_down_face:

That said, zigbee was working fine (and for more than a year) right until updating to 2023.5.0.
What I find strange is that some of the sensors (including other Aqara sensors) kept working and some didn’t. But it was definitly the update that triggered the issue.

The sonoff sticks are trash. I have one sitting here on my desk that didn’t work properly. Devices would add and pair fine, but then it failed to register status changes. Conbee II and the nortek stick both work fine.

I use the Sonoff ZBDongle-P in four HA installs as coordinators and probably a dozen or so more as routers. Results have been as close to rock solid as I think zigbee is capable of.

ZBDongle-E seems a little more problematic, but I see many of my complaints echoed for the SkyConnect, so I theorize it is more SI Labs chip set pecularities than Sonoff specifically.

Zigbee always seems to be teetering on the knife’s edge. Specific environments and device mixes can make one man’s perfection the next man’s bane.

+1 to the ZBDongle-P. Works great, and rock solid as coordinator or repeater. I used to use a conbee, and its ok, but the radio in the -P is much better.

Zigbee didnt used to be so popular, but with the right coordinator and softare, I have found it way more reliable and better performing than zwave.

Perhaps that was my issue with the Sonoff. I bought this one:

SONOFF Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus-E Gateway

I had read somewhere that was the better one to get - but apparently that source was mistaken.

Funny thing is that the Conbee II I had worked perfectly - I just thought since I was rebuilding HA when I migrated from an HA Blue to a NUC that I’d “upgrade” my dongle - plus by having 2 dongles active, it allowed me to migrate my environment over time, rather one all at once. The Sonoff E was definitely not an upgrade. Tried the Nortek on advice of a buddy, and it was great right out of the box - up until 2023.5.0 that is.

Oh well. It appears to be stable now that I added devices back multiple times. We’ll see what happens next upgrade…

A fair number of folks seem to think so. Some of the specs on the SI Labs chip are better. Some folks claim snappier performance. HA chose the same chip for SkyConnect.

My personal, anecdotal, testing experience has seen the ZBDongle-P be more reliable.

But it is zigbee, so it may all go to pot when Mars goes into retrograde.

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Pointed here from a Reddit thread I started.

I’m using ZHA with HUSBZB-1. After upgrading from 2023.4.6 → 2023.5.2, Zigbee devices would not stay connected (most Aqara devices and a few other brands). I could re-add them just fine, but they would go unavailable within in usually less than an hour.

I reverted to 2023.4.6 and everything has been stable.

Is this an open issue that is being debugged? If so, how can I contribute logs or data that could help?