2023.6.1 'Reload Template Entities' disappeared?


yesterday I was able to navigate to developer toolsyaml where there was an option to reload template entities.

Today (2023.6.1) it has disappeared and I cannot find where it has gone. I cannot see any chnage documented in the release notes.

Can anyone advise?

What has disappeared?

The template reload option or the whole yaml panel?

Have you tried:

  1. Clearing your web browser cache
  2. Checking the logs for errors?
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It is still here at my end and working :slight_smile:
Did You try switching language to English (is not already so)?
Sometimes lokalization errors hide something :frowning:
Also refresh browser/app cache.
Best, JR

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Well, now I feel stupid as I should have done that first - thanks!

cheers for confirming!

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Same problem here, i’m using HAOS and i can’t reload template (i need to reload HAOS to load sensor template).

  • Cache cleared
  • no errors on logs

Did you try to switch to English?
What is “entities de modele”?