2023.6: Network storage, favorite light colors, new integrations dashboard

Not sure what’s going on here - debug logging flags on every integration, and then when I click the disable debug logging button on each one it instead downloads the log file for it?

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You’re right. Guess I got too excited for having an option to directly throw my backups on a nas.


I understand and find really usefull the Backup and Media option, but I understand what the Share is for. Do you have any idea?

Do you have debug logging set in logger?


    pychromecast.socket_client: critical
    homeassistant.components.homekit.type_media_players: critical
    homeassistant.helpers.template: error

Ahhh men… network storage here also not supported…
but my supervised hass is supported and healthy


Agreed! Looks nice.


There is no feedback at all if the network share is not available when the offsite backup is started.

You’ll never know you don’t have a backup :open_mouth:

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Because there is no reason for it to? You are running docker, this type of setup has always been possible , you just configure the /media directory to point to whatever mount you want in the docker config.


Anoyone else that also got a lot of:

2023-06-07 22:43:03.282 ERROR (MainThread) [frontend.js.latest.202306070] blob:https://rpi-hassio/9e55a1ed-4db1-4ea0-8af7-5be593d65de7:1:100 Uncaught ReferenceError: t is not defined

2023-06-07 22:43:05.991 ERROR (MainThread) [frontend.js.latest.202306070] blob:https://rpi-hassio/c371700d-4c31-4b96-b005-5e70fc315c4c:1:100 Uncaught ReferenceError: t is not defined

2023-06-07 22:43:06.038 ERROR (MainThread) [frontend.js.latest.202306070] blob:https://rpi-hassio/d19a9045-abca-4bef-b2d2-da1d7d1da54e:1:100 Uncaught ReferenceError: t is not defined


Noticed theres allready an issue: Errors in the logs while moving to a view with a live camera stream · Issue #16776 · home-assistant/frontend · GitHub

The breaking change note for the IHC Controller currently links to an incorrect pull request. It should instead be linked to the following pull request: Remove default unit of measurement in IHC sensors by dingusdk · Pull Request #93054 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

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Any chance someone has the link handy to check on Docker image build? I’m still seeing 2023.5.4.

the builds are now done before the release, so the build has been out since the post went up

Amazing work done!!! I had just 3 repairs and that was it. Its ligthing speed faster!!!

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Try clearing your cache. If that doesn’t work, create an issue

As I understand it, if you mark it as Backup, it is used for backup, marked as Media it will show up in the mediabrowser, Share is basically for anything else, so it will not show up in the Media browser and backups selection.

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I’ve tried the share and it doesn’t show anywhere and I can’t find any use case for it.

Thanks guys! :bowing_man:

The network storage is really nice. Offsite backups is really important. Now it’s included in HA we need a better backup management ! Planning backups, retention strategy.
Addon like samba backup could be a great example.
The new page for integration is soooo much better :+1:


Just ran in to this as well. Network storage is only supported on HAOS. Why? Absolutely no idea. Can’t come up with any sensible reason other than that the HA people want to force you use their OS, which makes zero sense.

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