2023.6: Network storage, favorite light colors, new integrations dashboard

Read the full release announcement here

any new sentences added?

Is the network storage option not available in HA running on my Synology Docker?? Why oh why??


Nice new update thank you! I like seeing improvements in the UI. Would be nice if the related entities would be sorted alphabetically and if the new integration page could be opened with a click on the integration name as well in addition to the cog (identical to device / entities in the line below)

The new backup feature on external mounts is nice, I was waiting for it a long time, however I am missing still one essential feature: a service to purge old recordings! Therefore I will still be forced to use the samba addon, unfortunately. Would be nice to add this next release.

Great release!

I really like the new integration dashboard and detail page


Love the Roborock Integration! My Roomba upstairs is jealous. Any chance we could port some of that over to iRobot?


I won’t be home for the next couple of days. But really looking forward for this one.

It bugs me for years now. And I tried a few other integrations but those aren’t as accurate as met.no

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Let’s hope this release fixed the dreadful issues with Riemann sum sensors. Has been a painful experience seeing all statistics going bork due to negative values.

For the rest: great release like always!


ohhhhh come on!! again… a lot of fundamental layout changes in divs, classes etc…
pffff gonna, again, try to fix (not even that much) custom card mod stuff… but please stop messing that much with classes, layout, nested divs, slots, etc etc

PS: Also nice! now by default ive got a scrollable window for my lights

for all custom card modding or customizing modda f#$R%#r:
ha-header-bar is now: ha-dialog-header

Ok also some positive shjizzle: haha
New integrations page is verrrryy nice! Much better!! :+1::ok_hand:


It would be great if we could add scenes to the favourite colours bit in this UI!

Something like this would be nice, to have ability to make the colour wheel the main choice and have both brightness and colour temp on the one UI:


I loooove the progress! Worth every cent of my nabu casa subscription!


Only thing I’ve been looking forward to after reading the beta Changelog: Network storage.
Aaaaand not supported on rpi4-64 docker installation :confused:
Would’ve made things so much easier.


Anyone else having problems with HomeKit Controller integration switches or thermostats?


is it not supported for rpi4 x64???

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Amazing new features and improvements (nas backup, performance, color choices etc. etc.), love them very much, thank you :smiley::+1:


Not on my to be honest not supported supervised docker installation. I get the challenges from within a docker installation, but the Changelog reads like it’s a fundamental new feature of HA.

thanks! im gonna check it out! think that will be best awesome upgrade since months for my use of home assistant instead of weird changes in dialogs with smartphone like big ass sliders and buttons on desktop :stuck_out_tongue: (aka windows 8 coool tiles startmenu)

Not really, it explicitly talks about Home Assistant Operating System (HAOS).


Wow! Indeed again packed worh cool stuff!

Please, can it be made possible with the new layout tohave a STOP button on screens. It now can only be controlled fully (0-100). But no open, closeand above all stop 🤷

Wait a minute! Its in now… seeing this for the 1st time :flushed::pray::+1:

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ZHA Zigbee channel changing feature and UI dialog were also added in this release


Zigbee Home Automation integration documentation has not been updated to reflect this new feature:


This new experimental feature that @puddly added now allows users of the ZHA integration to perform Zigbee channel migration directly from the UI for all supported radio types without the need to re-pair all devices or have any entities changed.

ZNP (Texas Instruments) based devices currently has the best implementation of Zigbee channel changing as it allows the Zigbee Coordinator to change Zigbee channels after having a few chances to send out the broadcast to all the devices. Other Zigbee Coordinator adapters (e.g. Silicon Labs EZSP and Dresden Elektronik’s deconz based radios) instead migrate/change the Zigbee channel almost immediately, giving Zigbee End Devices (e.i. battery-powered devices) a smaller window of receiving the channel change request broadcast, however, such devices still have a chance of finding the network again if they detect that they have been orphaned.

Modern mains-powered devices should normally all change channels without any problems. After waiting a while for all devices to change channels automatically the general recommendation is then to perform a power cycle of devices that did not automatically change channels (usually simply by removing and replacing the battery) before just re-pairing those devices in the ZHA integration.










PS: Users should however note that changing the Zigbee channel is not a magic bullet for reception/transceiving-related issues, so users probably want to refer to ZHA integration documentation’s new troubleshooting section on interference and range/coverage optimization tips as well as this related discussion → Guide for Zigbee interference avoidance and network range/coverage optimization