2023.6.x Add Network Storage - But can I use OneDdrive or Google Drive?

As the above headline says: Adding a local LAN network storage isn’t very useful for my Yellow which is placed in my countryside cottage. It isn’t connected to my home LAN, and I have no plans to expose a LAN Network share.
That’s why I thought using OneDrive or Google Drive could be a better solution. But all my attemtps to do so, fails. This new 2023.6.x feature doesn’t seem to be cut out to accept an https exposed share:


All I get is this:

Just use the addon that’s built for google drive…

And to answer your direct question. No. The integration only supports NFS or CIFS protocols.

Google drive and OneDrive do not use NFS or CIFS. They’re completely different animals.

Hi @petro, I did a search and this is all I found: