2023.8: Translated services, events, and wildcards!

I guess it depends on whether your credentials are used again when it is time to renew the logon token, or whether a reauthentication token is used at that time. If your credentials are only used once, then it would theoretically be possible to have the configuration flow handle 2FA if all the tokens don’t expire prior to the next data collection. I don’t know if that is something @tronikos had considered or just not possible with current tooling.

EDIT: There is a discussion on 2FA here, Add implementation for conEdison by Sebmaster · Pull Request #13 · tronikos/opower · GitHub.

Must admit I am a bit perplexed why works with nest was removed a month before it finally dies and before the month that the warning inside of home assistant says.

Obviously my problem to fix it and migrate, but I still find it a bit annoying to have to deal with it earlier than I expected to - feels like someone jumped the gun a little bit… I know I should have done it ages ago - but this till took me off guard.

Am going to try to roll back to 2023.07 till I have the time to deal with setting up the new integration.

Update: Roll back to 2023.7.3 docker container restores the connection to works with Nest. I’ll work on migrating to the new nest setup before I move to 2023.8 sometime later this month.

With the new MQTT rules I got warning for 232 devices. How can I fix this automatically?

I run everything on a rpi4 8gb without any issues.

Yes, can’t seems to toggle anything correctly… Glad it’s not just me

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same. i downgraded back to .7 version as im not at a point where i want to rename 20+ devices, remake the homekit links, update dashboards etc…

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Hence the words QOL aka Quality of Life

Hi, is there really nothing to worry about? I have a naming convention for entities which is


In the GUI on the device page the entites are now shown as “_temperature” and the device_name part has been removed from the display. That’s ok for me, but the warning says, that this workaround will be removed in HA 2024.2.0. What does that mean? I don’t want to change my naming convention because all of my automations rely on pyscript. And having source code with entites like “temperature_22” or “occupancy_13” is very error prone. Therefore I want to keep my current naming convention (and it would be a pain in the a** to change it). Do I now have to live forever with those warnings? And what happens after 2024.2 release?

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I had no issues before either.
But, the problem was, de Restore didn’t work and destroyed everything.

Have the same problem with TP-Link Kasa Smart. Checked all the automations an nothing was doing this. They also got renamed.

back-up restore and all working again.

yep same issue here, had to do a back up

Same here. Turning one on/off does the same to the other one but it doesn’t actually do it. So if I turn the top one on, it’ll turn on the bottom one but the bottom one doesn’t actually turn on.

Bluetooth tracker don’t work.

Please see the second post and ask your questions in that thread.

Yes I couldn’t turn them off they just keep getting turn on again. I have 3 power board and a lot of single ones and they would just turn back ON when you turn them OFF. I should of spent some time on it before I restored but I didn’t as it was broken and I needed it back ASAP.

Same issue as well.
Restored 2023.7.3 backup fixed for me

Hi, I handled the deprecation. I’m not sure what is surprising? My intention is that it has been raising a repair issue about this deprecation for the last 3 or 4 releases and saying it goes away in 2023.08. If there was a mistake there, that’s on me, but that was the idea. I’m not sure what you mean about saying a month before or whatever.

The plan was to remove this integration over a year ago well before works with nest was going away anyway. It is unpainted and not supported, and SDM has been out for multiple years at this point. The legacy works with nest removal was just another reason to get this moving.

The intent was to ensure folks aren’t suddenly surprised with no alternatives. You are welcome to continue using the old home assistant version to get another few weeks out of the API, or even port the code to a custom component if the community wants to maintain it.


The links to june and july in the post are incorrect.
june does not exist and july forward to the june post.