2023.8: Translated services, events, and wildcards!

The “old” Nest API is supposed to go offline in September, yet after upgrading to 2023.8 the Nest integration won’t load anymore. Nothing is mentioned on the release notes, odd… Anyone else experiencing this?

Oof. Apparently it is listed in the full changelogs. I would have expected this in Breaking Changes.

I just got a weird issue. After the update all my TP link Power strip devices are linked together. So when i turn on/off a single plug all of them turn on/off.

Update this was resolved in 2023.8.1

Was a surprise to me as well. Is there a way to get my old Nest camera working again without going back to 2023.7 ?

UPDATE: It works again for me, in 2023.8

Updated for OPower integration, gave it my login info for Evergy and it is coming back with

Logger: homeassistant.config_entries
Source: config_entries.py:952
First occurred: 2:09:28 PM (1 occurrences)
Last logged: 2:09:28 PM

Config entry ‘Evergy ({username@}gmail.com)’ for opower integration not ready yet: 401, message=‘Unauthorized’, url=URL(‘https://kcpl.opower.com/ei/edge/apis/multi-account-v1/cws/kcpl/customers?offset=0&batchSize=100&addressFilter=’); Retrying in background

Just want to get that feedback out asap for the dev :slight_smile: great release!


2023-08-02 21:20:11.213 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.helpers.script.websocket_api_script] websocket_api script: Error executing script. Error for call_service at pos 1: Error generating image: Billing hard limit has been reached

Do we all try to create a image of a cat :slight_smile:

Documentation seems rather incomplete. For example, how do I actually do the “play {album} by {artist}” example? I set the trigger but how do I actually pick the media in the media play service? Also, I don’t see any Event entities in MQTT - do these somehow start to appear or…?

EDIT: following issue is just cosmetic

Also I haver absolutely no idea what to do with this, even after reading the link. Like am I supposed to rename dozens of devices??


Anyone else having issues with their KASA (TP-Link) KP200 devices not working correctly? I cannot control both sockets individually anymore.

yep same here. … sometimes I wonder if the HA guys have an April 1st once a month :slight_smile: inventing things which cause lots of work for simply nothing.
Naming entities by their device is more but just common and if not possible one must raise a request since that ensures to regonise them most easily.

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This one is fine, a kind guy sent me this on Mastodon

No action required.


That will be your personal billing limit. The Open AI integration is not for free

Really? Read the thread linked in the second post in this thread.


That’s weird as the Nest legacy folder has been removed from HASS :thinking:

I’ve been trying to get (at least) my Thermostat back to work using SDM but so far no luck. It pairs, but gives an error and then shows no devices.

Also have to see how I can get the Nest Protect’s back up.

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Yep. Turn on 1 plug, it turns on the whole strip. Rendered most of my automations useless, had to restore from backup.

Hi Guys,

As always I went through the full changelog and again I am (as always) amazed by the shear amount of issues you guys have been handling. Really impressive! There is one I a missing though. The UOM ‘bug’ failing pass through at the Utility Meter integration. Next time :wink: But otherwise really impressive!

The camera responses are really much faster :+1:

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Thanks for the release. But this change I don’t fully understand. Suddenly my media controls are completely gone (not only “disabled”) when Spotify is inactive (which happens a lot) and my UI starts to jump up and down. Grrr…

It’s even worse. Same with all my Alexa/Echo devices. They are inactive most of the time by nature. Still I could and often wanted to control their volume. I could do so via the entities card. Until now. Now, no controls are shown when idle. This is not good.

Any chance to bring back the old behavior? Please …


I have mqtt warnings with espresense latest stable version v3.2.4: Hello, To avoid a duplicate name the device name prefix is stripped of the entity name as a work-a-round. Please inform the maintainer of the software application that supplies the affected entities to fix this issue.

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Please read the second post.


This IS optional, and has been since the new voice assistant features were introduced. The button to turn it off is in Settings > Voice assistants > uncheck “Expose new entities”.