2023.9: New climate entity dialogs, lots of tile features, and template sensors from the UI!

Checked my one LIFX. I’ve got the same issue and not limited to the tile card. Other lights I’ve checked with brightness/color temperature are ok (non LIFX)

How do I know which Envoy version I have. Checked my app and can’t find anything but my integration shows “Failed Setup.”

They are going to update the thermostat card in a future release to match the new more info style (according to some comments I saw in the beta channel).


Anyone else having an issue uploading files via Filebrowser?

Actions in trigger-based sensors seem to be a very useful feature.
Now thinking about possible use-cases for this feature in my setup.
Would like to hear other users’ opinion.

Regarding weather forecast changes.
Seems that it will need corresponding changes in weather integrations; not sure that it is already done by their authors; so we need to test them and register issues if needed.
Same about custom weather cards.

Regarding new UI-created template sensors.
I wonder where these sensors’ config is stored.
Is it similar to storing UI-created automations? I mean a default “automations.yaml”.
Asking because have not installed the release yet.

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Looks like Unifi coincidentally released a new EA for protect this morning too, I would check you’re targeting Release Candidate or Stable on your UNVR.


Thanks, I wondered why my thermostat card did not look like the new one shown on the blog.

Do you really need to transfer your template sensors from yaml? What is a reason?
Imho this feature is mainly for people who dislike yaml or have difficulties with it. (including beginners).


How do I know which Envoy version I have. Checked my app and can’t find anything but my integration shows “Failed Setup.”

Are there any more details in the logs? You can check your Envoy’s firmware version by going to https://envoy.local/info.xml and look for a line like <software>D7.3.517</software> under <envoy_info><device>

You can point your browser to the IP address of your Envoy, at least with v5.x firmware your firmware version will be shown somewhere at the end of the webpage.

I run firmware v5.0.55 and with HA 2023.9 it now broke with exactly the same message “Failed Setup”. Deleting the integration and try to set it up again fails with “Unexpected Error”, so this “update” of a flawless existing integration looks like untested and completely useless.

Please check your HA logs and see if there are any errors there, and then create a Github issue. We’ve tested things with firmware 5.0.49 and 5.0.62 so it will be interesting to see what’s different about firmware 5.0.55.

Congrats on this release!

“Actions for trigger template entities” is missing entry in table of contents. Almost skimped over it when eyeing the release notes. Would be a shame since I like it best from this release.

No updates available on Ha os still.

The OS is released on a separate cycle. Last update was a few weeks ago.

If you mean HA core, wait patiently or go to Settings → System → Updates and press the refresh button top right.

It’s definitely available. As Tom suggested, make sure you refresh.

I did refresh. Even restarted but still don’t see it. Is there an alternate way to upgrade?

Exactly! I do not plan to migrate any of the yaml code unless they remove the support.

Via the CLI.

ha core update --version 2023.9.0 --backup

No not from you, but the question is asked every month. Often more than once.

@cogneato reminded us that the release was on the first Wednesday. I may have known that previously, but forgot because for many months the first Wednesday was so close to the first of the month.