2023.9: New climate entity dialogs, lots of tile features, and template sensors from the UI!

Read the full release announcement here

Happy B-day!

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What a great birthday release :clap:

Thanks for the great work guys

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So happy with the Enphase update!!!

When is the HAOS version released? Still no update here….


10.5 was released like 3 weeks ago…

You can now set separate damping factors for morning and evening in the Forecast Solar integration.

This makes me SO happy! I am literally in the process of integrating my new solar install this week, and this was driving me nuts trying to find a manual work around for this, because I have a wide clear east morning sun angle and a mountain range to the west so my dampening needs for the evening vs morning is no joke!

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Same here. No “Update Available”.

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Available here since 5 min

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Love your efforts for better UX for newbies, cheers. Update available.

Same question every month. Building releases takes time. No issue. Just stop.


Whoop whoop there it is… nice templates through gui. Will take some work to transfer everything.

Can the thermostat “more info” dialog be used as main in the dashboard?


Broke my Unifi Protect integration, no mention of changes in the release notes.

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Not yet apparently as explained here at 1:44

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Not from me. I usually see the updates 2 or 3 days after the first of the month. I don’t think I have ever asked “where is the update”.

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I added a tile for a LIFX color bulb but I am not presented with the “Light color temperature” feature (only the “Light brightness” feature)
Tried on several other bulbs to no avail.
What am I missing?

It is the first Wednesday of each month.

Calendar is here: https://developers.home-assistant.io/

And on those days, it takes time to actually build for each install type.


Looks great.

Gardena link is broken FYI.


I think it should be this?

Template sensor doesn’t work. When I click on it, no screen pops up. I have swipe back to go to helper menu.