2023 Fire TV 4K State Detection

I am upgrading my 4K Fire TV from 2020 to the 2023 edition and immediately started running into issues. I tried to use the same state detection rules as my other FTVs use from the info here: [Testers needed!] Custom state detection rules for Android TV / Fire TV - #26 by Pronown
Oddly enough, not only am I not getting any state other than IDLE or STANDBY, but I noticed the HACS integration for the same device doesn’t seem to even have an entity for it’s state, like the 2020 models do.
Anyone know how to fix?

- playing:
    media_session_state: 3
- paused:
    media_session_state: 2

Used to work for both com.hulu.plus and com.plexapp.android but doesn’t seem to on the new device, also Netflix worked without state detection rules. Odd thing is I tried out a 4K Max model last night and it didn’t have any problems after I set the state detection.

I don’t have the integration using an ADB Server because I can’t figure out how to host one since the add-on is deprecated.