2024.1: Happy automating!

Read the full release announcement here

Been using the beta fine. Thanks to all the devs!


Good idea with the valve entity type. I have a shelly 2.5 in cover mode that controls a valve, is it planned to have it working as an valve entity type as well?

Does this do what you want?

Tip: Do you have a switch entity that controls a valve? You can now change the entity type to valve in the entity settings.

No, because it is a cover entity type now. It allows to open, close and set position. It would be just enough to add the valve entity type to the cover “show as”:

Unifying the service calls is SUCH a welcome change! I was always confused why selecting a device to have it turn on vs using a service call were different things. Thanks guys!


I Love it !!! thank you very much :slight_smile:

When configuring a switch to display as valve it does not show actual state in the entities card. Should I open an gh issue for that?


I hoped that bug that missing device stopped whole automation on 2023.11 would be fixed with thise one :confused:

:clap: These look like great improvements in the automation editor! I’ve seen new users get confused by “triggers” especially. They often saw it as “the automation will trigger this action” not “this trigger will start the automation”. This new UI looks much clearer without any negative side effects.


I checked the (breaking) changes but did not see Tado in there. But it did produce an error because device trackers not be set up unless I removed those. Did something change, and if so, what exactly? I didn’t quite understand the description of the error:

Configuring the Tado Device Tracker using YAML is being removed.
The import was aborted, due to an existing config entry being the same as the data being imported in the YAML. Remove the YAML device tracker configuration and restart Home Assistant. Please use the UI to configure Tado.

What was the same as being configured? I removed the config, but there’s nothing to configure in the UI as that was already done. And as before, there’s nothing there to configure about device trackers I can see.

It still recommends the “Device” action first though, which still ties to the device_id and breaks automations/scripts on device change… whereas a service call with entity_id instead, does not (as long as the new device is named identically to the one being replaced).
I made the mistake when I first moved to HA, then eventually spent a good amount of time refactoring to remove all “Device” actions.

New UI -with search- is definitely better though!


Hi new user here, i just got a warning that my system monitor isn’t supported anymore after the update but i still see the entities, can i keep using them or should i delete them?

Thanks for that awesome release! Any thoughts about using the due date of todo lists for automations? Haven’t found anything about this in the documentation.

The System monitor has been changed to be set up via the UI (it’s in the release notes).

Your existing YAML configuration has been imported to the UI for you by the update.

You can safely delete the YAML and restart without losing anything.

You can manage your entities in Settings → Devices & Services → System Monitor.


For those using the Dyson (local) integration with a humidifier: this release breaks the humidifier, most likely due to an int changing to an enumeration. If you need it, maybe wait till the Dyson integration is updated.

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A note for anyone with a Tailwind iQ3 garage door controller: the new core integration requires a firmware update to v10.10, which appears to be rolling out now - check the list of controllers in your Tailwind app to see if it’s offering you the update.

Anyone who’s been using my custom integration (available via HACS) should find that it can continue to coexist with the core integration (as they have slightly different names) - so after updating to 2024.1 (and updating your Tailwind firmware), HA will probably notify you that it’s discovered your Tailwind device; you can either ignore it (if you want to keep using the custom integration) or give it your Tailwind local control key (if you want to set up the core integration). If you want to switch over, go ahead and remove the custom integration once you’ve updated any dashboards, automations, etc to use the new entities provided by the core integration.


The Enigma2 (OpenWebIf) is totally broken with the 2024.1.0 update.

I have reported the error

I post this to make users that use the Integration aware. The error is so severe that the error log floods in an alarming rate like 100k per minute. So comment out the integration in configuration.yaml or downgrade until the bug is fixed


Cool, then you don’t need a “flashing” Alarm template :smile:

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The new release suddenly starts reporting these two errors.

2024-01-03 22:34:09.038 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.helpers.template] Template variable error: 'value_json' is undefined when rendering '{{ value_json.state }}'

2024-01-03 22:34:09.041 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.helpers.template] Error parsing value: 'value_json' is undefined (value: online, template: {{ value_json.state }})

So the first thing I thought was - let me search for value_json.state in my YAML.

Guess what. It is nowhere to be found. And it is not in the .json files either.

I tried to set the logger level for homeassistant.helpers.template to debug but that does not help.

Does anyone else have these errors in the log?

And any idea how to debug it?