2024.1: Happy automating!

It’s an issue with zigbee2mqtt:

If you don’t actually use it you can disable the setting legacy_availability_payload. Or put up with it until there’s a zigbee2mqtt update.

It doesn’t actually break anything.


Super. Thanks.

Bit off topic for this release as its a custom component with the issue, but try this alt to the one you are using as the one you reference seems no longer maintained

Hi, i can’t swap between setpoint and current temperature in thermostat card.
can you explain how to do it?

thank you


Write that issue up on HA as well. There should only be a warning in the logs, not that error. We found many of these in beta and patches were made to simply warn in the logs but the entity should have still been created.

Another zigbee2mqtt related thing.

The new release starts warning against attributes in selects defined by mqtt discovery as being too large in size and will not be recorded.

I cannot imagine why anyone would want to log these selects at all. Or why these entries have so many attributes.

To get rid of that warning (and make your logs a little smaller) you can add this to configuration.yaml

      - select.zigbee2mqtt_bridge_log_level
      - switch.zigbee2mqtt_bridge_permit_join
      - sensor.zigbee2mqtt_bridge_permit_join_timeout
      - sensor.zigbee2mqtt_bridge_version

There are some nice threads on this forum about how to limit the log sizes. If you do not already do this search for the topics (there are several topics)


Cannot start.
Starting in Safe mode with this:

Last restart was yesterday and it was successful.

Possible bug with the new thermostat update:
After updating to 2024.1.0, my Hot Tub thermostat card defaulted itself to minimum temp setpoint and appears to have actually sent that request. Not a huge deal for me but might be a major issue for someone using that card for their home temp and doesn’t notice quickly.


Check your secrets file.

It is normal & has not been changed for a few months.

Are you using anything that affects HA loading? Like lovelace_gen, dwains theme, homekit theme?

None of what you mentioned…

Btw, I have several “secrets” files - 1 main & some amount inside packages. I hope secrets in packages are still supported??? There is nothing about secrets in release log.

I just started updating using the homeassistant.local on my laptop, it loaded for a bit then reloaded the page and now the page won’t load at all with error code 500 Internal Server Error, i’m running ha on a raspberry pi and i’ve tried restarting the pi but with no success. How can i fix this??

They aren’t going away. Are you sure there’s not an error in one of your secrets in your packages that’s sat idle? Maybe an accidental -? search all your secrets files and make sure they are dictionaries. If they all are, write up an issue.

I love the small change to the Thermostat card! However, if you use that option and the thermostat is off, the card does not show the current temp in the room. I’d really like it to keep showing the current temp largely in the middle! I hope it’s just me and I can fix it, but it might be a wider issue.

It seems weird that the Zone trigger is shoehorned in with all the Time-related triggers…

Thank you, this is exactly what I do.
Thing is that I restarted yesterday and did not make any changes since that time.

I get that, but there may have been loading changes that exposed an issue with your configuration or there’s a legitimate bug.

Could be. Need some time for investigation.

What about the tado integration?

I saw this error when i updated to 2024.1.0

Configuring the Tado Device Tracker using YAML is being removed.
The import was aborted, due to an existing config entry being the same as the data being imported in the YAML. Remove the YAML device tracker configuration and restart Home Assistant. Please use the UI to configure Tado.

When i removed the data in the yaml file, there is nothing to configure in the UI.
What to do about it?