2024.3 increased CPU (peak) load by 20%


This is more of an observation than a question but I thought might be interesting for someone on the core team.

Since my update to 2024.3 my CPU load increased in small spikes. The average is still similar but the max is much higher.

Last reboot of the system 2 days ago
Newest core, newest OS, newest supervisor

My observation is different. Latest core, os supervisor.

Maybe it even runs cooler with the latest update?

2024.3 was released March 6th, your stats don’t include any data prior that date so it’s hard to say what the impact of 2024.3.x on your system was.

I generally wait to make sure there are no major issues, so I upgraded later in the month but my CPU utilization actually improved with 2024.3.

Indeeed, but I only installed it on the 24th

Looks like you have something misbehaving. You might be able to find the source with the profiler integration.