2024.3 - met.no - get hourly an daily values

At the moment i am Using e.g. such templates:
{{ (state_attr('weather.forecast_xxx_hourly', 'forecast')| map(attribute='temperature')) | list | max > 20 }}

{{(state_attr('weather.forecast_xxx', 'forecast')| map(attribute='temperature'))| list | max > 20 }}

But with 2024.3 there was a breakting change:

But I can’t find any documentation how i have to change my templates =(

I have the same question / issue…
How is there no documentation available?
I use this sensor for my dashboard for hourly temperature and also to control my heating and cooling on temperature changes.
Is the ‘new’ way really to edit a yaml file and create a template sensor instead of clicking one option inside the UI to create an hourly sensor?!
How is this an improvement to usability?

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Guys, I’m in the same boat.
Do a search for met.no on the forum and you will find similar topics in which your fellow HA users have posted ways to get around this. (I didn’t do anything yet for this issue)

I had similar problems, because in the past I was using two different entities one with daily and the other with hourly forecast.

At the moment:

  1. I changed all the updates to “hourly”
alias: Update Hourly Forecasts
service: weather.get_forecasts
  type: hourly
response_variable: forecast_home_hourly
  entity_id: weather.iwally_home
  1. I use a binary sensor which reads next 2 hours to see if weather is going bad
{% set ns = namespace(found = "off" ) %}
{% for my_item in [0,1,2] %}
{## Loop to get if there is BadWeather in 2 hours: ##}
{%- if
state_attr( 'weather.iwally_home','forecast')[my_item]['condition'] in (
{% set ns.found = "on" %}
{% endif %}
{% endfor %}
{{ ns.found }}

But I still don’t understand two more things:

A. Why is the entity showing both (daily and hourly) foecast?

If i look at the Developer Tool I can see just “hourly” forecasts.

B. The number of hourly forecast visible from Developer Tool is 6, but in the entity I see many more:

Has any of you additonal usefull information?

Hi, from the 2024.3 release blog: 2024.3: Drag 'n Drop it like it's hot! 🎉 - Home Assistant

Yes I know, but that don’t help because you can’t use the one single entry, because you get to see the hourly report, but can’t use it for automations.

It’s discussed here:

I am really pissed off of this and switched to this one:

In the end I found this post which gave me all the answer.

Here I found a folla working sample that shows how to get weather forecast on hourly basis.

I must improve my sensors knowledge!