2024.4 has broken a esp32home project I use

2024.4 seems to have broken a esp32home project I use (and more importantly one that my wife loves) it was originally released here:

However, it does not appear to be maintained any more.

A July 2023 change with ESPHOME also broke it, however I figured out the fix for it and posted it here: ESPHOME update 2023.7 and beyond fail · Issue #3 · alexphredorg/lilygo-weather-esphome · GitHub

following this, a January 2024 ESPHOME change broke it again, but then a later update of ESPHOME fixed it again:

However, this time (Apirl 2024) after looking at the changes for the ESPHOME release I can’t figure out what change has impacted it, and I’ve been otherwise unable to figure out / find a fix for it.

Any insights would be appreciated.

The forecast attribute’s deprecation was announced in 2023.9 and removed in 2024.4

was it replaced by something else?


Thank you

150+ results - I guess I’m not the only one impacted by this.

Wondering if ESPHOME could have found a way to make it more backward compatible?

<not trying to be a jerk by saying that, rather just noting that the way weather works is going to need a lot of attention by a lot of people if those changes are not insulated>

The data is still coming it (albeit the following was likely updated to account for the changes)