2024.4: Organize all the things!

It’s great to see the integration startup times, but it’s frustrating to see how slow homekit_controller startup time is. 25 seconds on a Raspi 4, managing 25 devices. Do others experience a similar issue? Is there any way to improve its startup speed?

but the basic ability is already there, no reason they couldn’t do it.

I found a missing change in the release notes about the Entity filter card. Now it supports the conditions variable (see `conditional` & `entity-filter`: add ability to filter through `entit… · home-assistant/home-assistant.io@87311ae · GitHub). This new configuration variable doesn’t support attributes yet.

I noticed this change because the legacy state_filter stopped working after the update (I’m on 2024.4.2). I will open a bug later today.

I had the same issue, and found the documentation that says that zones can be added and managed through the user interface at Settings → Areas & Zones

Yesterday, I spent an afternoon enjoying this new update.
Today, I woke up to an unresponsive UI.

Web client doesn’t do anything but show the HA logo, Nabu Casa says my instance is disconnected and I dont have any means to access the system.

All automations seem to work, though, so I doubt it is a hardware issue.

Odroid N1 running HAOS.
Any pointers are welcome.

How to help us help you - or How to ask a good question.
Start reading, from point 9 (above direct link)

Check your logfiles ( No Samba or SSH Access ?, then your left with HA-Console, get familiar with it by typing -help )

I Assume you are familiar with basic troubleshooting procedures, quite similar as with PC/Phones ( I.E Restart/Reboot )

Not here.

Do you have cameras in that list and are you splitting it out to individual controllers as recommended in the docs?

My 25 homekit devices are mostly from Eve (the TRVs, the wall plugs, the motion sensors), plus a few Nanoleaf lights. I’m not sure if I could/should split these somehow, I just have a single thread network and one homekit_controller instance.

Feedback after one week of organising :heart_hands:

  • Categories: most helpful functionality. I have started to move all my node red automations back to home assistant, this was the main blocker up to now. Making the categories collapsible would be a last nice feature. :heart:
  • Floors: in general nice, I have assigned them, but I’m still not yet convinced (as stated in the architect discussion). I would still prefer nested areas or another name for floor, e.g. area group. So I think it will remain nice to have for me personally , not really of benefit.
  • Labels with regard to location: core team mentioned you can also make fully flexible area grouping with labels (not being possible with floors) . In theory yes, but in the end it is not the same, it would be a work around, labels are not inherited from devices to entities (for example). Furthermore having floor area assignments and label area assignments in parallel is confusing for me personally.
  • Labels with regard to functionality: not yet used, but very likely that I will use that one day. For the time being I still have groups for this (e.g. covers in the south)

Summerized a big step into the right direction, thank you :+1: , but still room ( or should I say area :slight_smile: ) for improvement


Sounds fine. No need to split that up. You must have another issue then. Maybe restart your home hub.

Given that adaptive lighting is a third-party component, I would’ve been checking with them on this particular issue. Don’t fault the core for third-party components.

Using it, I’m currently able to pull that attribute even when lights are off, but that switch for adaptive lighting is on. When I turn that Adaptive Lighting switch off, the values are nulled out, so if you were attemping this while the Adaptive Lighting switch you’re polling for that attribute was off, that’d explain the issue.

I’m constantly seeing a startup time of 20-30 sec for the homekit_controller integration. I currently assume that as my HA installation also runs the Open Thread Border Router addon, first this has to launch and then all the devices need to join the established thread network (and the devices further away need to wait until the wall plugs acting as thread routers are up).

But on the other hand I would assume that the integration startup times do not include the time until all devices are online, but only the time the integration itself needs?

By the way, I just rebooted HA, 32.5 sec startup time for homekit controller. And the following error in the logs when searching for homekit_controller:

Logger: aiohomekit.controller.coap.pdu
Source: components/homekit_controller/connection.py:293
First occurred: 22:55:55 (33 occurrences)
Last logged: 22:57:55

Transaction 0 failed with error 6 (Invalid request

How can I now edit configuration of the Downloader?

The issue remained when using a core template in place of the adaptive lighting one which is why I raised the issue in Core. The issue is not related to Adaptive Lighting, that’s just the place where I had a template which failed. If you read the comments in the Issue you will see that.

This release looks really nice according to the release notes :clap:
Can anybody tell me if all the grouping features, labels etc. can be defined in yaml or if they are only available via the UI?

UI only. As per above.

The update to 2024.4.2 appears to have fixed the issue on my end. I suspect that the real culprit is an automation I had that used an Until loop. The latest version added a change that automatically breaks loops that execute 10,000 times, which I saw happen in the logs, and probably stopped the issue from happening.

Even in 2024.3.3 I did have some issues where the container’s RAM usage would balloon over time and eventually cause it to restart after several hours. In hindsight it was probably the same automation that caused it as well. I’ll continue monitoring this for a few days, but after updating the automation to use a wait template instead, I have not seen the issue pop up anymore.


that might be the case, and it is guarded now. I wouldn’t rest though until I had fixed that automation from looping. because that in fact is your real issue

suppose you did read the release notes and the many topics on this matter before asking ? :wink:

Enable debug logging for the integration and see if you can get more information.