2024.4: Organize all the things!

Read the full release announcement here

Don’t forget to join our release party live stream on YouTube 3 April 2024, at 20:00 GMT / 12:00 PST / 21:00 CEST!

shouldn’t that be 19:00 GMT? It’s DST now

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Yes, Yes it should. It starts in 9ish minutes.

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This is a fantastic update. UI changes across the board and the tagging feature is going to be used extensively. I was titling my automations like Lights: (Name of light automation) so yay for inbuild organization.

Is there any update to polygon area/zones?


As someone with ADHD im really looking forward to organizing everything haha! PACKED update, really glad to finally have all these tools at our disposal. The team is KILLING it! :raised_hands:


I actually like Floors and Labels, even though I haven’t used the latter yet. I also like having the option of Categories, but I don’t yet know how I will use them.

I’ve been trying the beta without any issues. Thanks for the hard work and listening to us. This will really help a lot organizing automations, scenes and scripts and will make it easier finding the right devices and entities based on tags. Lots of automation platforms do not acknowledge that not all lights are equal, even though they are in the same area. Being able to tag the right ones is key.


Is devices batch delete ever coming?

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Great news! The ui changes are awesome!


I’d like to see device (firmware) version info and sort/filter by that. Would be so helpful in case you have dozens of similar devices and try to manage their versions.

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Looks like I can finally get rid of old yaml groups for different types of devices and lights. Can just create a label for them.

Totally, now I can label lights as ambient or main.

But then there’s this. Ideally one would like to call e.g. light.turn_on and specify a label. I think if you want to get rid of groups, you’ll have to use some templating to use the new labels. For example, using the new label_entities function.

Thank you so much for categories. I can finally move my 150 or so automations from yaml files in a directory structure to GUI (which can still be yaml edited).

I am deeply thankful. I love you guys and girls that made this


Frontend tables improvements are excellent. Well done.


Still dinosaur slow restart speed if Kodi integration is used and Kodi device is powered off…

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I’m thrilled about this update, but very :cry: that integrations can’t be categorized or labeled (as far as I can tell). It would also be great for browsing if categories (or any group by option) could be collapsed.


Hey great work you do. I just started using HomeAssistant and it’s amazing.

Hope to get to know more of it in the future. I learn so much and it’s so cool.

Thanks to the team.

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Amazing release! Now I just need to decide whether the stairway gets labelled as ground floor or first floor!


why not make a separate floor with the same index?


I was half joking, but that’s not a bad idea