220V RGB LED Strip-Light

Hi guys!

I’m new here and I have been looking for any AC 220V RGB LED Strip-Light controller that works with HomeAssistant.

Any suggestions ?

Thank you everyone. I’m really grateful to you for the efforts you put here. It was really helpful for me

Do you mean the LED strip has to be 220 v AC?
Why is there a need for that? Do you have very long strips or what is the need for 220 v?

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Thank you for reply @Hellis81

Yes, I already have it installed in the ceiling with length of 20 meter. So, I do not intend to replace it.

I see…
220 v (or 220-240 v) is rare LED strips.
I suppose all you “need” is a controller that is compatible.
Since the mains supplied LED strips are so rare the community has not used them as much.

In theory… If you find a wifi based controller and you ask the manufacturer if it’s ESP based chip in it then you might be able to flash it and use it in ESPHome.
But off the shelf is not something I have seen.

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Thank you very much bro !