24h clock future time bug

My time is currently 2022-01-02 10:55 here (24h clock), but the history view says that the lamp were powered off at 2022-01-02 24:31 (which not happended yet, and time is never higher than 23:59. It was powered off probably at 00:31 earlier today 2022-01-02).

I’m in GMT+1, so I guess that this might be relevant into the case, and that it just has passed midnight.


I’ve tried to search if this bug already were reported, but couldn’t find it, and I’m not sure if this is the correct part of the forum. I’ve not developed much in Python the passed 20 years, and is not that familiar with the code, so I hope that someone with some more knowledge in these topics could have a quick look at it.


I suggest you post this as an Issue in the Frontend repository on GitHub. That’s where it will get the attention of the development team. You might want to check the existing open Issues to determine if this bug has already been reported.

Thanks, found it at Time format 24h shows 00:15 as 24:15 in Google Chrome · Issue #9379 · home-assistant/frontend · GitHub