24H clock like cyclic automation trigger

Hi All,
Just started transisioning back to HA from native HomeKit after not being here for a while now - i love the way hou progressed!

now my question is this - does it possible to create a triger or switch or anything that will allow to triger automation based on the time of day but will allow to dinamicaly alter the set times through a “clock” like UI that has 15 min intervals that you can toggle on or off so you can set the amount of time the attached device will be on and off in the 24H day - something like the attached photo.
i know i can create seperate automation with start and end time per interval but this is less intuetive to other users in my home that are customed to manual timers like the one in the picture

i home you can guide me in the right direction
thank you!

Use two time only input_datetime helpers. On for start time. One for end time. Put them in your dashboard.

These helpers cn be used with the time trigger. See https://www.home-assistant.io/docs/automation/trigger/#time-trigger

Thank you

but then i’m limited to one interval and in the menual way i can have several. are the time helpers support adding more dinamically?

There is a weekly schedule helper that will allow as many timed periods as you want a day. It has a nice point and click interface for setting times, but only in 30 minute intervals.

See: Schedule - Home Assistant

Use a state trigger in automations. Schedule → on : do something. Schedule → off : do something else.

You can have as many weekly schedules as you want.

If you want something a little more advanced you can use this 3rd party scheduler tool:

Another way to skin the cat

I’m starting to use the local calendar for scheduling. Easy to put a repeating event in it but my use case is to turn devices on & off in an ad-hoc manner to take advantage of Octopus Agile pricing.


Appreciate it, I will take a look later

I liked the scheduler route but is there a way to limit it to be a time scheduler? so only one day and ability to control only the time?