24v AC Relay

Looking for a 24v AC relay to automate a whole house humidifier powered off the HVAC system.

Looked at the Shelly products but there doesnt seem to be one that works for this voltage without independent power. Would also like to be wifi and not Zwave or Zigbee as I’ve not yet needed to integrate that protocol into my HA and hoping to not have to for simplicity sake.

Much appreciate suggestions…

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Is DIY an option for you?

I used a Sonoff SV in isolation mode for my 24VAC wiring, but you need to add an AC/DC converter.

Not this particular one - this was just the first Google search result.

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Depends what DIY means… I can handle light flashing firmare etc but was hoping to find at least off the shelf hardware that works…

Yeah ok, I was thinking of an ESP relay setup which is a little more work.

If you’re comfortable flashing, this relay board can handle your 24vAC needs, and has the ESP32 built-in for easy flashing with ESPHome, for example.

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The wide input voltage range on that board is really handy!