24vdc home lighting build and automation

All, I’ve been building my retirement home for the lasts couple of years

But i’m starting on the low voltage systems in the next couple of weeks.

I’m using Tuya / Tasmota converted wifi 2 and 4 channel relays. I have added 5 pin headers for hardwire or wifi switching. I have glass capistor dimmers, Wattstopper low voltage switches and Wattstopper Proximity switches.

I have not decided on what to use for the three thermostats for the split system. I plan to add tempature and humidity sensors help with the automation but planning is in the works.

I have installed HA Container in a 4GB RPI4 but I think I need to start over and use HAOS.

Thoughts, advice, and questions are welcome.

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This can make things easier to get started and manage/maintain and is probably a good option unless you have special requirements or advance use cases.