2FA Integration in HASS

Dear developers,

As I can see, hass is developing and improving day by day by some volunteers! This is really amazing. So, I would love to see, more and more new features are integrated into the platform. Well, now my suggestions to integrate 2-factor authentication in the feature list if that is possible. Unfortunately I am not a good programmer otherwise I would dedicate my time to contribute for improving such a promising software. So, as a dummy user only I can request/suggest the developers to think of new directions which might add value to the platform. Please don’t consider me inconsiderate in any way. I have the full sympathy and support for the developers of this platform.

The idea would be, if an user tries to login hass from outside the native LAN, then he/she has to gone through the 2FA authentication as a protective measure. As a authentication app, an open source app like Google Authenticator might be used. Again my apology if I had suggested something which is technically not possible or sounds crazy. But this is just an open suggestion.

Thanks & Regards