2fa with DUO.com


I have been using DUO.com with a few projects now including Guacamole and VMware Horizon. The service works fast and always as expected. I enter my user name and password and get a push to my phone or smart watch. I can then accept or deny the login from my smart watch of phone with the push of either accept or deny button. I would love to see something like this for Hassio.


I’m going to take a look at implementing this. If anyone else has started this or wants to please let me know.


Progress update:

I’m new to developing for HA but I’ve worked out I need to create an MFA component. I’ve copied the insecure example as well as test editing the totp module.

I’m currently stuck as I need to insert an iframe into the polymer-dialog. It looks like the front end may not allow this or I’ve got to wrap the HTML code in the correct tags for the front end to understand it’s html. Currently it’s been displayed as .

Lots more to understand about how the frontend works and more source code to read before saying it’s not possible though.