2nd Nest thermostat gets "something went wrong"

I added my first Nest thermostat via the matter QR code on the Nest Screen. I can control the temp and successfully added working automations.

Upon adding the second Nest Thermostat, i perform the same process Nest Display–>Settings–> matter
HA–>devices & Settings–> devices–>add devices–>add matter–>No its new–>Scan code.

I get to the “generating matter credentials” and then “something went wrong” screen.

I have it set up via google home. Updated the firmware. Nest screen has 1 linked matter account, which I assume is google home. But HA doesn’t base the second nest device.


Has the linked account a name associated with it? :thinking: I am not that familiar with the Nest thermostat, but from the error it seems that the Google framework which is triggered by the Home Assistant compagnion app to do the Matter commissioning has troubles commissioing the device tot heir (temporary) Matter fabric.

Maybe deleting the linked account and try again?