2nd VLAN for HA with Ubiquiti USG and Proxmox

Hello collective brains,
I have been trying to add a VLAN solely for my alarm.
I am running HA in Proxmox on a Dell I5 laptop. I have a Ubiquiti USG with the HA integration for the controller.
So far I have (Hopefully correctly)

  1. Added a new NIC to my Proxmox hassos VM.
  2. Added a new VLAN ( my Ubiquiti controller.
  3. Checked in NMCLI that the second connection is connected, it was
  4. In HA, went to system and IP address. Set a static IP in the second connection.
  5. Went to my alarm integration and set the new IP, also set in alarm GUI as well.
  6. Used IP scanner to scan and I can see all IP’s

Now the issue I have is I cant figure out if HA can actually see my alarm, I have tried to ping from the terminal in HA but it just seems to lock up and I have to restart the terminal integration.
In my logs it shows that HA can not see my alarm.

I have a feeling that its something to do with the connection between networks in proxmox but I am no network or code expert and rapidly getting out of my depth.

Any ideas where to go next please?


my understanding of VLAN

Vlan are a switch and router control

your PC does not know about vlans

so what you need to in you router make a rule point the traffic from other Vlans to the HA PC

NOT (network of thing)

so i have a Unifi Wireless Networks

pointing to MY Vlan 20 NOT

so when all my NOT stuff join the network they get a .20.?? addresses

then i have a rule that point all NOT network to one IP home assistant

dont knows if it right but it work for me

Hi, Thanks for your input.
I was wondering about a rule in the controller but I read and heard (on TheHookup) that you didnt have to link lans in Ubiquiti, they were by default and if you wanted them blocked then you add a rule.
But anyway I will give it a go, as I am no expert.
What part of the firewall rules did you enter the last part? Lan Local?

I am no expert. 2 just wing and do a restore if i f it up.

mine in the LAN IN bit

yes the Hookup is right BUT only if you copy use the exact same setup
and that with all those type of videos

I watch his and also watch a number of others

this guys one had nice step to watch and do

and this one

next bit is getting runing on HA tryed about 6 months ago and the HA version would adopt the bloody thing
BUT i see the HA is running the Latest version now so once we out of lockdown (wife not working form home i be JUMPING in with all feet