2nd zigbee network: conflict with 1st?

I have tried this but my main zigbee network went down and had a hard time to get it working again.
The 2 coordinators were about 1m from each other, with 2 HA systems, so maybe that’s not a good idea.

Is it possible to run a second zigbee system, just temporarily as a test, in the same area?

It is possible. Afterall, your neighbours may have a zigbee network.

You need to ensure that the networks are on different channels.

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Hi, thanks for stepping in!
Of course, just like WiFi multiple networks can exist close to each other and it makes sense that the channels should be different.

Can a second zigbee network bring another down, in a way that it doesn’t restore even after shutting down that second one?


Can a second zigbee network bring/keep the first network down if:

  • both coordinators use a different channel
  • coordinators are in the same area/room

What about when setting the 2nd network up?
Will the channel always be the same so you have a conflict at setup?

I have two coordinator about 50cm apart. Different channels. No problem.

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I use two identical zigbee dongles (Sonoff 3.0) about two meters apart. They’re set to two different channels. One uses the ZHA integration & one uses the Zigbee2MQTT. I’ve never had a problem.

Thanks guys for this info!

What about when you fire up that 2nd coordinator: does the integration/coordinator automatically use another/free channel?
If not, of course it can be changed but what happens with the first mesh when both coordinators are live on the same channel?
Does the first network go down? (temporarily)

I’m asking this because I had to reconfigure 32 devices… :angry:

The two different networks even if on the same channel will have different network ID’s and not see each other. However they may well slow each other down if on the same channel.

I do find that the ZHA network is slower to start. (Even though it was first & the antenna placement is a bit better). I also find the Zigbee2MQTT is generally more reliable. Every 6 months or so I lose connection with a sensor on ZHA. Once I’ve deleted it in HA MQTT out competes ZHA in grabbing it. (At least that’s how it feels.)