3 different iPhones... only 1 “last added” gets notifications (NEW ISSUE TODAY)

I updated to the latest version and where there used to be 3 individual iphones with their individual names.

now in notifications only 1 device with generic name Notification.mobile_app_iphone
and the other two are nowhere to be found… and only 1 iphone with get notifications…
It seems like which ever phone was the last phone added is the one that gets notifications.

I would add photos but I am to new to do so.

I have tried reset in companion app
reset and delete of all devices
and removing the app but now all 3 devices show up as iPhone under MOBILE APP devices…
and there is only 1 notification showing up…

also, when i use notify.notify it will only go to one device…


This is a known issue that appears since iOS 16 introduced new privacy settings.
Check the following GitHub issue for more details:

There is also some workaround (discussed for example in this topic

Just got a response from apple developer help

It’s a feature!