3 gang 2 way wall switch modules UK


Can anyone recommend some 3 gang 2 way switch modules to sit behind standard uk light switches please?

I have neutral in the boxes, boxes are max 35mm depth though and all solid walls!

Moes do 3/4 gany 2 way but use that tuya stuff, looking for easy HA integrationā€¦(had no joy getting an account setup on tuya dev web sute :frowning: )


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No one have any suggestions?

if youā€™re fine with adding spacer, those relay module could still fit behind the switch

as for the moes, you can replace the firmware with openbeken/esphome so you donā€™t have to deal with tuya dev.

Ah thanks Shaq, thought the moes needed a smt chip swapping to an esp - way beyond my soldering skills lol

yeah, those are gonna be hard to do unless itā€™s a separate chip on the pcb.