3 way 3 load 3 switch Zwave or Zigbee (US)

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I am currently looking for the best options, I have a gangbox that has 3 switches in it currently. and each one goes to another switch (3 way switch) in my experience, getting 3 smartch switches pilled into a 3gangbox is no easy feat, and I was wondering if there were proper options that are better for fitting into tight places.

I was looking at something like this

But I dont believe Homeassistant has support for it. IF it did that’d be neat although, I’d prefer to have regular toggle switches. If an all in one unit isnt an option what’re some of the THINNEST Zigbee/Zwave 3 way switches avaialbe so I might be able to fit these suckers in there.

New GE/Jasco Z-Wave switches are thinner than the older ones. I have a couple of them and they do 3- way, too. Oh, and I have them in 3 and 4 gang boxes.