3 way dimmer switch

I want to replace my standard 3 way dimmer switch with smart one. I don’t have enough room in the gang box for a Shelly nor a Sonoff Mini. Can someone recommend a smart, dimable, 3 way switch that I can flash with Tasmota? Also do I need to replace the second mechanical switch hooked up to this circuit or can I leave it in place. If I need to replace, what do you recommend and how do the switch es communicate with each other (if at all)? I’ve only us the Kuled K36 switch with great success.

Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided.


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This will depend on where you are in the world. Are you in the US where a 3-way switch means what the rest of the world calls a 2-way switch (i.e. two switches, one light)?

It will also depend on how old your house is and how it was wired. Mine is Victorian, rewired in the 1980s and the two-way switches on the stairs (I’m in the UK) were a nightmare. I invested in several Lightwave switches (anyone want them?) but eventually gave up and went with Philips Hue bulbs. A simple and effective solution.

If you are in the US, this is the one I got:


You only need to replace 1 of the 2 switches. Where you are replacing it must have a neutral (white) wire.

You can flash it was Tasmota, but you’ll have to do the wired method - or wait and hope that the tuya-convert folks find a way to flash OTA with the new Tuya firmware this switch most certainly has by now (mine did and that was 8 months ago).


Thanks for all of your responses, and sorry for not including my geographical location. I’m in Canada, so the US standards will work here as well. My house is approximately 8 years old and I’ll have access to a neutral wire. Can anyone recommend a dimable 3-Way smart switch?

Here’s an example of one.

Thanks again for your help


I’m running into the same question… did you ever find an answer? The TP-Link seems like a good option to me, which one did you end up with?

I checked my Amazon order from 2020 and I ordered a “Topgreener” smart Wi-Fi 3-way dimmer switch kit. This kit includes dimmer light switch TGWF500D and add-on switch TGWF3K. It doesn’t appear to currently be available on Amazon.ca. Hope this helps.