3 years later

My journey started out with a different platform and with the help of a good friend he brought me to Home Assistant.

Knowing all I now know… my system is a train wreck of trials and failures and things I can’t delete and at times still trying to figure out what to do when things don’t go my way…

I will say that I’m hoping that my knowledge continues to grow and Thank you to the community for ALL your help and yes even with my pointless silly questions LOL

Given all things at some point I’m going to take the plunge totally blow the system up and restart so hopefully I can keep it much cleaner and leaner…

Suggestions? Have you done that? Or did you figure out how to clean things up?

I haven’t felt the need to start over (yet).

How about you just say what are the exact issues you’re having → then someone might be able to actually help you.

My system has been in operation for about 6 years now. I have leaned a lot and trialled a lot of hardware that I found wanting. Still not completely happy with everything but my home automation works well enough.

The organic way my automations have grown over the years leaves a lot to be desired. Occasionally I will rip out whole sections (like lighting or climate control) and re-write it but I have never had the urge to start completely from scratch.


same here - and I appreciate the use of packages and !include_dir_named to help keep logical sections (heating, lighting…) together.

The last time I started fresh was 2 years ago because I moved homes and had to redeploy everything anyway.

It’s definitely nice, but as I’ve found things wanting I just usually rewrite sections. I also happen to have several HA systems that I’m dealing with, so I keep generalizing common automations into blueprints that I can easily share to my different systems and it’s easier to update (and roll back) since I’ve got them version controlled.