30a outdoor relay

I have 4 pumps on the dock totaling 7.5kw - does anyone have a good pointer to a good HA compatible OUTDOOR switch/relay solution? Ideally something simple that i can put in-line on the pump power line.

Do you want independent control of pumps or more of a master type? You need a Wifi/Bluetooth switch to relay setup.

You need to look at power control devices, contactors (as opposed to relays) are good for doing this when hooked up to IOT devices as a controller. Have a look here:

thx @RonnieLast - exactly the advice i was looking for. my pumps are 10A/120v so shelly should do ok for this.

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JFYI - Shelly 1pm plus works great on 2 de-icing pumps on the doc and 2 submerged impellers. 12A max loads.

With a contactor, Alex?

Just plugged it in straight up - circuit also runs through 12A temperature shut off switch, so i think it will work fine.