30m RGB WW Stripe with Alexa and Hue Integration (Magic Home)

I would love to have 30 meter RGB warm white stripes with Alexa and Hue Integration.
My plan is to buy 30 meter of RGB WW stripe and a fitting LED transformator. This transformator shall be connected to a hue or osram smart plug so I can turn it on or off via hue.
Then there shall be a Magic Home controller so I can change colors via app or home assistant.
Here are my questions:

  1. will this work in that combination? E.g. smart plug and magic home controller?
  2. does magic home works without cloud? Or do I need to flash it?

I hope you can help me with my question.

Thanks in advance.

Probably a late response… but maybe still relevant:

You don’t need a smart plug for this unless you want to control it outside of something connected to Home Assistant. The device can be turned off with the flux_led/Magic Home integration.

Its local push. No cloud needed

0x25 Controller RGB/WW/CW
0x07 Controller RGBCW

Both of the RGBCW controllers are supported