35 + Zwave Devices, Automatic Restart?

Hi everyone,

I have a lot of z-wave devices connected to HA. I’m noticing that some of the switches and sensors become unresponsive after a while. Once I reboot HA, everything is back to normal, however when I wake up… one or two sensor stops working.

Is there a way to refresh or automatically restart at a certain time once per day?

You can set up a cron job to restart ha once a day.

Thanks for the advice, are there any instructions how to set up a cron job for HA?

You may want to look if things are not responding after midnight, there is an autoheal that screws up one of my devices and causes it to not respond until there is a restart of HA.

May not be the issue but worth a shot.

Set the auto heal to false in your config

If not you could create an automation for a set time to restart. homeassistant.restart is an available service.

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You could also set up an automation that runs a heal, test, or even a stop/start under whatever conditions you want.

I’ve got a (horribly ugly) automation that looks at the time since the last update from each device, and if it’s been more than 10 minutes will notify me, then call zwave.test_network, wait a couple of minutes, then call zwave.heal_network. I put that in place after the mesh hung one night, and annoyed the wife. I spent a while watching how long my devices went between updates, and then rounded up sufficiently to avoid false positives.

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Are you still using this automation, or have you improved it since then? I’m thinking of doing something similar, but would love to see yours to save myself some work!

Everything I have lives in my Github. There’s both the original zwave_check automation in there, and the newer binary sensor approach with it’s own zwave_health_check automation.

Touch wood they’ve not fired for many, many, months.


Thanks, much appreciated!

I’ve searched for that file or anything zwave / z-wave, and can’t seem to find either the old or the new automation. Would you please point me to them?

Many thanks!

You didn’t notice that this is a 6 year old thread?

What was written back then was for the original zwave integration, which was replaced by ozw, which was then replaced by zwave_js.

You should start a fresh thread to explain the problem you’re having.