3A Nue 15w RGBCW Downlights Poor Colour Temps

Hey all,

Firstly, I am using Home Assistant with Zigbee2MQTT on a Raspberry Pi.

I saw that there was already some discussion about the 3A Nue RGBW downlights so thought I would try my luck here.

I have the RGBW versions installed in my house. They are… Ok. Not super reliable and have some issues but do the trick. Importantly, the colours they produce are pleasant and accurate (from a temp perspective)

Recently Nue have released new versions of these lights - specifically RGBCW.

The colour temps are way off and compared to the previous lights, neutral/cool has a pink tinge to it. I know its not in my head cause my 7 and 9 year old girls walked in to the room and immediately asked me why the light was pink. I have tested multiple units, so it was not faulty.

I can try to get it resembling something more akin to neutral/slightly warm but setting xy values, but in reality using the RGB LEDs kinda sucks especially if you are dimming them.

I am going to borrow my friends Hue bridge and configure them with Hue to try and rule out issues with Zigbee2MQTT and its converters. I’ll report back with those findings.

Has anyone had experience with RGB down lights not matching ‘expected’ colour temps? I would love some advice.

Secondly, these lights use a 120mm cut out, with a total outer size of 140mm. I am more than happy to ditch these as the supplier isn’t very helpful. But I am limited with my choices for other brands at this size.

Does anyone have any 120mm cutout Zigbee RGB down lights that you can recommend as an alternative? I haven’t been able to find much online :frowning:


I purchased over 160 of the 3a Nue downlights you mention and its been just over 12 months. Ive used them with HA using both ZHA and Z2MQTT and also Hue bridges. Thry are absolute rubbish and fall offline, disconnect, incorrectly trigger or lock/sleep almost every day. Its not interference or bridge, its the lights themselves. Ive read probably 50 reports of others having the same issues. The guy I bought them off in Melbourne wont do anything. Its super disappointing and im going to Fair Trading about it. Steer clear of any 3a / Nue devices is my strong recommendation. Also looking for a suitable replacement downlight for my 120mm holes, please share any findings.

Sorry to hear that mate.

I have been running them for maybe 2-3 years. My experience hasn’t been that terrible in terms of dropping off or locking out etc. They could be a touch more reliable. I have had maybe 8 fail over the past few years out of about 40.

Oh and they do have a random tendency to randomly turn on. I cant see anything in HA triggering it. But that is quite rare and I have lived with that lol.

However, upon saying that, the few ‘newer’ RGBCW ones seem to be performing poorly. For example, turning on with multiple values such as colour xy/temp, brightness and transition results in the light not applying the colour properly. Sometimes it slowly applies over 30 seconds and sometimes it just wont change colour at all!

I am going to borrow my friends hue bridge to see if the colour temps are just as bad compared to my ha z2mqtt implementation.

If so, I wont be buying any more. Shame there are no suitable 120mm replacements that I can find.

Might need to start considering something like this:

No idea how good it will be…

The world is your oyster once you get down to 90mm cut out :wink:

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There has to be a firmware upgrade or device handler or something that can improve the stability. Have you use Z2MQTT?

Yeah that’s what I use right now. All of that side is up to date and I have a decent usb coordinator.

I dont think we are going to hear much from Nue in terms of firmware updates for these lights.

I’ve tried calling this Kevin guy in Melbourne for weeks, he doesn’t answer.
In Zigbee2MQTT, do you get a lot of red error boxes? Unparsed frame skipped?

Yeah good luck with that :frowning: He was not helpful for me and told me that its ok for the old vs new lights colour to be “tiny bit difference between them”. The colour difference is not tiny, mind you.

Regarding that error, I havent see that before in my logs. Sorry :frowning:

But I can keep an eye out.

Posted new topic of decent recommendations for RGB down lights.

Ill be attempting to use an adapter as linked above to allow smaller lights to fit in my larger holes.

For anyone looking to Buy 3A/Nue downlights, my recommendation is to avoid. Particularly the newer model.

Also, be aware of other down light products in AliExpress using the same controller - I have seen a few.