Recommendations for RGBW/RGBCW ZigBee Downlights

Hello All,

I am starting this topic off the back of 3A Nue 15w RGBCW Downlights Poor Colour Temps as I am done with these and will be trying alternate products. :anguished:

Apologies if this is frequently asked, or there is some form of voting/database around somewhere!

I am after users recommendations for RGBW/RGBCW Zigbee Downlights. They do not have be a 120mm cutout!

Brighter the better, with accurate white temps and of course flawless integration with HA via Zigbee2MQTT with no annoying buys. And decent reliability to boot!

I don’t mind spending decent money so preferably ones in a aluminum body as plastic will discolour over time.

I may be asking for a lot here, so please tell me if you think so :laughing:

Thanks for your input.

Found this reddit thread:

Phillips Hue

Yeah thats the general consensus I think. Grabbing a couple from a mate to see how good they are.


100% Philips Hue Ceiling (Pancake) lights. I’ve gradually replaced every ceiling light in my house with them when I see them go on sale (I grab them when they hit $50)

I’ve had other Zigbee and Tuya WiFi alternatives and finally ended up removing them and replacing because they do not compare. I’m using them with Z2M and not the hub. I’ve around 15 of them and another 15 regular Hue bulbs. They are all well behaved Zigbee 3 devices that mesh well and have firmware updates via Z2M.

The color temperature range of Hues especially at the warm end is so much better than any other smart bulbs I have tried. Where you notice the difference is in color transitions and the smooth fading between colors and brightness. It is also nice that the colors and temperature match their bulbs for rooms where I have both and that they are bright.

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Thanks for your advice.

I think I am going to head this way as my existing ones die.

Hopefully I can find a decent looking 120mm to 90mm cutout adapter that suits these lights.

That’s the next hurdle… Ain’t no-one want to patch 40ish holes and re-drill to the smaller cut-out diameter. :face_vomiting: