3D printed Aqara Garage Door Flip Sensor

I made a 3D printable garage door bracket for the popular Aqara contact sensor if anyone is interested.

Inspired by the Wyze Garage Door Bracket, an easy way to get the current state of your garage door using a contact sensor using GRAVITY. I paired this with a Shelly connected to my garage door, and used a Home Assistant template to produce a garage door cover entity.

Everything is pressure fit / uses the taper of the Aqara contact sensor to stay in place. You’ll just need a command strip or the likes to slap it on your garage door(s).

Q: Why not just line up the contact sensor on the side of the garage door?
A: Our house is old and the garage door is out of alignment, meaning it doesn’t close the same way every time (nor gracefully). This is a more reliable method of determining whether the garage door is open or closed for my setup.


Very clever. I like it.

This is brilliant.

Great idea! I don’t suppose anyone with a 3D Printer in the UK could print one of these for me if I cover costs and postage? Online printing companies I’ve looked at have a minimum order amount far above what it costs to make one of these! I will get round to buying a 3D Printer one day as I’m finding more and more uses for one!