3rd Party APP Integration

Hi, if i want to display Data from an 3rd Party app in HA.
Do i need here API Keys from the Developer or?
Planned app:
BLANCO UNIT App on the App Store (apple.com)

You can’t use the app for anything.
You can use an interface to the data on a cloud service, if there is such one or you can use the Bluetooth definition schema for the faucet to build an integration directly with the bluetooth interface of the faucet.
The first one would probably be the easiest, but also the one relying entirely on the manufacturers website.
The latter one will be hardest, but also purely local.

If it is only sensors you want, then you might be lucky that those are transmitted unencrypted and maybe even over Blutetooth Low Energy (BLE) instead, which can pretty easily be picked up.

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I am curious, did you manage to get sensor data from BLE? Or even from an API?
I am getting a choice.all in the next months and would love to integrate it to HA.
BR MrsXenchen

unfortunately not, iam getting my Blanco System with the new kitchen end of the year.
If you receive yours sooner and manage the integration, please let me know :wink:

Also i try to get in touch with blanco directly about the API, but no response till february :smiley:

Funnily enough, I received an answer today:

“Officially no connection to a SmartHome is possible”

I received my blanco unit today (drink.soda).
I’ll try to intercept the wifi traffic after setting it up via bluetooth.

If anyone want’s to help me please PM as i don’t have much experience with this.