3rd party components, mqtt?

Hey there i got a new vaccum robot cleaner (haier t370) and want to add it to my home assistant: that it only cleans when im not at home

is it possible to set up a mqtt broker from the add-ins or is there a different way to do this?

i hope some1 could help me with this or even how to use mqtt properbly: after installing mqtt mosqitto broker via hass.io add-ins what im going to do then?

Haier T370 does not appear to be supported as of yet by Home Assistant.
Furthermore, installing an MQTT broker solely for that purpose on hass.io would be pointless, as the Haier T370 does not come with an MQTT client.

I can see that there is a remote control that comes with the vacuum cleaning robot.
Buy an RM Mini 3 and follow the associated instructions to connect that to your Home Assistant.

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@Tolaxor have you worked out a connection between the vacuum and hass?

I’ve noticed the vacuum often has price under 100euros shipped directly from Europe, can I ask how happy and satisfied are you with it?

Hey i use it with my broadlink cause it has an IR Remote with it
well the vaccum robot is ok but not the best it sometimes get stuck on one of my carpets cause the robot rolls the carpet up. And the worst part is that the vaccum cleaner is that it is always on so i have to switch the base of it off cause of the blue lighting all the time is really annoying.

And if you connect it with the IR remote you cannot use all styles of cleaning but this is ok

i live in a small apartment but i think for bigger ones you should buy the xiaomi one