3rd Party light control issue

Hi folks,

I’m currently writting a plugin to control HA from a Q-SYS system (it’s like a Crestron, but better!)

My issue is : Everything’s good, but when I dim light, the light goes crazy.

It’s like if i send too many informations quickly… what do you’ll do for that ?


Hey, can you share some more details about the way you’re implementing this? Are you writing a plugin for Q-SYS to communicate with the Home Assistant Websocket API?

Hi Timothy,
Exactly, i’ve wrote a plugin in Lua, my issue is when i’m dimming a light, the eventhandler of the knob send too many request to hassio.
I’m not sure how to resolve this.


Hi Paul,

I’ve actually got a Core 110f on hand I can test with. If you’re willing to send me a copy of your q-sys design, I can load it up and take a look at it.

Hi Timothy,

Can I ask what are you doing with a Core 110f ?
Are you an integrator ? AV specialist ?

Yeah, I work in systems integration, control systems, and show control systems in my day job. We’re QSC dealers and use them extensively for theater audio and touchscreen UI interfaces to interact with our in-house control software. My secret desire is to be able to justify buying a core for my house, but I don’t see that becoming a reality anytime soon :rofl:
Are you doing this integration for a professional project or for your personal system?

Professional QSC programmer, based in Quebec Canada.
French Canadian, that’s why my english aren’t perfect…
I’m the owner of a small company, basically DSP programation, but 80% of my business are Q-SYS !

And I had to buy a 110f to have the support of QSC to be on their website.

My plugin are available on the QSYS sharing group on Facebook, you’ll want to follow this group, a lot of goods stuffs here.

Oh, great! Don’t worry about your english - I’m American so mine’s not great either :wink:
I haven’t used Facebook much for a past few years, but just joined the QSC QSYS Programming Sharing Group. I’ll check it out from there, though.

Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but where did this leave off in terms of QSYS and HA integration?