3V linear actuator that is powerful enough to push a door?

I am looking at these as an option to open and close doors, using a battery. Would they be powerful enough to close a door (that easily swings) ?

A door is 20kg - 80kg so even with ball-bearing hinges, that’s a lot of mass to accelerate and open in (say) 20 seconds. Product specs suggest 300 N to 800 N of force is required.

3V is the voltage of an ESP32; a door opening actuator is more likely to be mains voltage.

Again, a random low-voltage product spec shows, 24V @ 2A = 48W. Assuming no power losses, and that such a battery exists, that would take 48W / 3V = 16A of current. That would need a lot of AA cells!

Good to know. Disappointing but still good to know.

Almost hard to believe, my door moves if i hit it with my pinky. A spring loaded actuator i would expect to do equal to that at least.

Are there no toys that have a spring loaded mechanism and do the same i wonder? A actuator/solenoid seems like such a good solution. I would have had one box to close, one to open, hidden in the frame and one on the wall.

Yeah i think i’ve seen these, they are very expensive. And don’t know where people get the power from. I guess it must be affordable for businesses.