4 Button Secene Switch can not be controlled correctly by ZHA

Hi Everyone,

I bought MOES 4 Button Zigbee Scene Switch (Moes 4 Gang Tuya ZigBee kablosuz 12 sahne anahtarı Push Button denetleyici akülü otomasyon senaryo için Tuya cihazları|Smart Remote Control| - AliExpress) and i added it to ZHA. However, buttons are not working. When i try to crate automation ı can see some button options but they are not only enough for the product but also not works properly. Do you have any solution for this?


This is. Tuya ts004F button, rebranded. In zha it works like this, 4 buttons and dim up/down.
There are a number of blueprints making it easy. I’m On the phone right now so can not figure out to make links, just search for ZHA and ts004F.
The switch can actually change to a 12 scene, however not when using ZHA. In Zigbee2mqtt it is working as a 12 scene.

Yeah see if there is a Blueprint for it → https://community.home-assistant.io/c/blueprints-exchange/53