4 gang power strip with USB problem

hello, i have a problem with 4 gang power strip with USB


when I turn on any outlet, all the others turn on as well. When I turn one off, all the others turn off, too. They cannot be controlled independently. When I connect strip to the smartlife via the tuya hub, everyone can control it individually. Can you advise where the problem may be? Thank you I have Zigbee2MQTT 1.25.1 version.

what do you see in devices? what switches?

What about under “exposes”?

What happens when you trigger on/off there, as opposed to the HA ui?

all gradually shut down or gradually them all on.
as I wrote in smartlife, each one goes on and off separately. In HA I switch one, so all the others switch.

Can this power strip work with ZHA? I have it paired with ZHA and it behaves as described in the first post. Doesn’t matter which control I press it will always turn on all the sockets/ports.

Any help would be appreciated

I have not been present for a long time. yes, it is already functional, each can be controlled separately-