$4 ITEAD CC2531 Zigbee USB Dongle Works with Zigbee2MQTT Out of the Box

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Now it’s possible to buy Zigbee USB dongle what works directly (without flashing) with Zigbee2MQTT.

Here is the article.

I hate to break the news for you, but that’s nothing new… :open_mouth: Pre-flashed sticks are available at Amazon or Ali for quite a time now (I bought my first one over a year ago). It is new, that itead as manufacturer of the Sonoff devices now sells them, but that’s unfortunately all… :slight_smile:

But flashing a CC2531 isn’t that difficult, it is done in five minutes withour prior knowledge. :slight_smile:

I’ve just ordered on piece of that.
Do we know which Zigbee devices are compatible with this itead usb dongle?

Check zigbee2mqtt.io/devices. A big list.

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