401 Error on local access of Add-ons (e.g. Studio Code Server) with DuckDNS & NGINX Setup

Setup DuckDNS and Nginx official Add-Ons. Used the default values for everything. Everything working correctly for external access. The issue is, when access HA locally via local IP:8123, I can login fine, but any Add-Ons that have a UI (e.g. Studio Code Server, zwavejs2mqtt) show a 401 error when I try to access them from within HA. I can use the duckdns address, but if there is an internet outage (or just because it’s faster) I want to be able to access my UI locally.

What do I need to configure differently to get the Add-Ons working as well?


I’m having the same issues.

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Did you manage to sort this out? I’m just running into the same issue

Resolved by deleting home assistant cookies in the browser


Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: was already uninstalling duck dns but it was still not working… so deleting all cookies in browser finally did the trick